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The most successful brands in the world, don’t behave like commodities.
The best brands are built on great stories.

Companies are creating their own media houses
– this is the brand publishing revolution.

Resistance to advertising, combined with clients increasing demands for information about products and services, has allowed the market for editorial content to grow rapidly.

Companies are investing in own media channels, Web-TV, YouTube, and apps to strengthen its brand. By doing so they have more control over budget and target groups.

About Us

Consurge Content Bureau is a full-service provider for visual digital media strategy, content and broadcast.

How a brand is perceived, goes far beyond what is written on a website, in a brochure or company presentation.

Your story is not just what you say to people. Your story is very much based on the signals that your brand mediates.

This will be the complete picture of you, based on facts, feelings and interpretations, which means that a lot of your brandstory is not even told by yourself.

Our Offer

Strategy - Content - Execution - Broadcast

One Stop Shop

We offer companies and brands, customized distribution solutions with the right kind of content.

We work with some of the largest cable companies, play services and digital magazine platforms, to help brands/companies becoming their own broadcasters.

We possess skills and talents in all of these fields and we have many years of experience, working with strategy, content, execution and broadcast, and we combine all these skills in a unique product portfolio.


Roger Carlqvist, Project & Sales Manager

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